Timberlea Event 2014


The Timberlea Residents Association and our local Timberlea kaumatua opened our White Ribbon Family Day Event at Timberlea with a powhiri for our White Ribbon Riders, distinguished guests and the children, young people and their families in our community. We were privileged to have local White Ribbon ambassadors’ Judge Peter Boshier, Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy and Upper Hutt Multicultural Society Chairperson Pancha Narayanan present throughout our event to speak to the crowd of up to 500 participants about the White Ribbon messages and pledges condoning Men against violence towards Women in our community.

Live entertainment for our White Ribbon Family Day Event was performed by our local Maori and Chinese cultural groups, dance performers and solo artists. Other activities offered at our event for the children, young people and their families included free bouncy castles, face painting, sausage sizzle, candy floss, food, cold drinks, tea, coffee and white ribbons.
Special mention also goes out to the local volunteers, Government and non-Government services and local businesses that participated and gave their resources and time resulting in a wonderful and successful White Ribbon Family Day Event at Timberlea.

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Reece Mastin – latest Australian White Ribbon Ambassador

Reece Mastin Rebel and the Reason

Click to watch Reece Mastin ‘Rebel and the Reason’

Reece Mastin (Australian Musician and 2011 winner of the X Factor in Australia) is now an Australian White Ribbon Ambassador. “I’m extremely proud to be a White Ribbon Ambassador in Australia, this is a cause I feel very strongly about. Violence against women is never acceptable and it horrifies me that one woman a week is killed by a current or former partner. I have 3 beautiful sisters and a lot of amazing women in my life and I want to help do whatever I can to raise awareness around this massive issue in the community. I want people to know that I will not be silent and I call on others, young and old, to speak out against domestic violence.” Reece says.


Click to read Stuff article

Rob McCann, White Ribbon Campaign Manager New Zealand is delighted that Reece has been willing to spread the White Ribbon message while he is in New Zealand. “We hope that the action’s of Reece will inspire more  young New Zealanders to make good choices and reject violence. Violence is not normal behaviour and his new video illustrates some of the shocking effects violence has on families.” Reece Mastin came to fame when he won the 2011 series of The X Factor in Australia. His magnetic stage presence and killer vocals established him as a genuine superstar with a legion of dedicated, loyal fans, affectionately known as Lil’ Rockers. Reece has since released two Gold selling number one albums and two consecutive chart-topping singles. If you’re experiencing violence visit www.areyouok.org.nz for information, resources and services on family violence or call 0800 456 450. If you are in danger call the Police 111. For further information on Reece https://www.facebook.com/reecemastinofficial      https://twitter.com/reecemastin http://instagram.com/reecemastinofficial

Bolton Hotel Charity Banquet


Bolton Hotel Charity Banquet
supporting White Ribbon and Women’s Refuge

Monday 06 July 2015

In July 2015 the Bolton Hotel will be hosting their inaugural charity banquet. Their chosen charities for this year are Women’s Refuge and White Ribbon.
This degustation dinner with wine match features five local up and coming chefs from prestigious restaurants in the capital. The evening will also include live music, auction and other entertainment in a beautiful Wellington setting; St Andrew’s on the Terrace. This historic church will be transformed into a fine dining restaurant for 180 guests, a very unique opportunity not to be missed.

The event will not be possible without the generosity of sponsors donating time, effort, produce, equipment, auction items, marketing and entertainment. We are proud to have the following businesses already supporting the event:

St Andrew’s on the Terrace
ARTISAN restaurant
Muse on Allen
Ortega Fish Shack
Silver Fern Farms
Meadow Mushrooms
Global Wines
Pete Roe
Wellington Chocolate Company

Womens’ Refuge

Your support for Women’s Refuge at this event will help the 216 women and children who find sanctuary in a refuge safe house every night in New Zealand. Women’s Refuge is the largest agency providing domestic violence services in New Zealand. A significant amount of our work is achieved with women in the process of leaving unsafe relationships as well as those who have left. We reach 20,000 women and children annually and answer a crisis call every seven minutes. With your support, our refuges will be able to spend more time, more resources and more programmes to help the women and children we work with, lead safer lives.

White Ribbon
The White Ribbon Campaign offers men the opportunity to be part of the solution to ending violence towards women. Violence is endemic within New Zealand with one in three women experiencing violence from a partner in their lifetime, while on average, 14 women are killed each year by a member of their own family. This global campaign is led by men who have taken a pledge to take action against violence. Thank you to the Bolton Hotel for asking us to be part of this event and contributing to the efforts to eliminate domestic violence in New Zealand.

If you want to be part of or contribute to this fantastic event please contact Amy Brown at the Bolton Hotel. All supporters will be acknowledged during build up to the event via social media and marketing material and on the night in the event program and slideshow presentation.

White Ribbon in Palmerston North

IMG_0797 croppedContracted by the Manawatu Abuse Intervention Network (MAIN), Blacksheepdesign’s George Street Dash on 22 November 2014 was the region’s twist on the international ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ campaign.

Raising awareness of White Ribbon and getting local men taking the pledge to “promise to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women” saw almost twenty high profile Manawatu men dashing in high heels.



Timed to coincide with the launch of the North Island leg of the White Ribbon Ride, community leaders, Turboman, radio DJs, actors, CEOs, Palmerston North mayoral candidates, local MPs joined, Ribbon Riders and other participants were also greeted by early morning risers and media.

The audience heard from Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway and White Ribbon Rider Aaron Morrison; both reminding us that we all have a part to play in making a difference for the women in our ‘patch’.

Preparing for the event proved challenging for many, heels don’t always come in larger sizes. While the George Street dash itself adding further hurdles including donning extra accessories such as handbags, as well as meeting a wall of police, because after all – you can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Closing George Street for two hours involved obtaining signatures from over fifty retailers and seeking Council permission to close the road. Nearby retailers were encouraged to offer on the day discounts to those who purchased a white ribbon on the day.

Sponsorship support from More FM and the Manawatu Standard assisted in promoting the event through radio campaigns and newspaper advertising. Special thanks also to MidCentral Health who helped fund the radio campaign and Detective Sergeant and Family Violence Co-ordinator, Phil Skoglund for his support and staff on the day. A highlight for Blacksheepdesign’s event coordinator, Chrissie Morrison, was working with Aaron Morrison and the White Ribbon Riders. “These men bring such mana to one of the most rewarding campaigns I have ever worked on.”

by Chrissie Morrison



No Shades of Grey

No Shades of Grey_Layer 1


White Ribbon spoke to Vicious de Milo, a non-skating official (NSO) who is excited that the local Roller Derby league is supporting White Ribbon as their charity of choice, but first we’d better explain the name. All the girls in the game have a nickname (5 Foot Fury, Scarlet Venom, Sonic Screwdriverher (for the Dr Who Fans), Serious Crash Unit and Evil K.Neevil.

The vicious part is in no way a reflection of her temperate. In fact it evolved because of the strength of her vocal cords. Vicious helps out with kappa haka groups, and it’s been said her voice is quite (extremely) loud – that’s how the description “vicious” came about.

Vicious helps to organise parts of the ‘bout’, taking responsibility for what is termed the penalty box and the penalty scoring. It’s a complicated game for the uninitiated, but it sounds like tremendous fun and I’m assured that once you watch the game, it all clicks. And to be honest, it sounds exciting at the other end of the phone and explains why the game is growing at such a tremendous pace all around the world.

Vicious sounds energised when she talks about the game. That’s a far cry from an earlier time in her life when she was subjected to family violence and had to endure ongoing physical and psychological abuse. As Vicious explains, it was the emotional abuse that she remembers as the worst.

“Being told that I wasn’t a good mum, that my family thought I was useless, that I was never going to have any friends… by then I believed every single thing the abuser said”. In her own words she was so downtrodden “…that I shut down. The only person I would talk to were my daughters and unfortunately, him.”

“It knocked my confidence a lot. Before that I was extremely outgoing but after that, I withdrew from society quite a bit. The only time you’d see me outside of the house was for shopping and when I took my kids to school. I didn’t leave the house for pretty much two or three years.”

“I didn’t trust anyone outside my family and it took a lot to start trusting people again, especially males.” In fact it was four years of trying to deal with the after effects of the violence alone, before Vicious was able to ask for help.

There was one male she had to communicate with, because he was her daughter’s teacher. “He ended up being a really good person to talk to. I went and got some counselling, and then I started dealing with people outside of the house and slowly the confidence came back.”

Squirrel (White) and Champain (Black)

Squirrel (White) and Champain (Black) competing in the derby

The league has also helped. “Being around lots of really strong women and being able to talk to them about what actually happened to me, it’s made me feel a lot stronger. They’ve never said a nasty thing and they’ve always got a big smile and hello for you and want to know how you’re doing. It’s like a slightly big dysfunctional family. They make me feel a lot stronger than I was.”

“Many of them are professionals and you wouldn’t think they would do something like Roller Derby, but you can’t always judge a book by its cover. They made me feel a lot stronger and more confident and ready to take on the world.”

“It was a group decision to make White Ribbon the charity for the game, and an easy one once the No Shades of Grey title had been agreed upon. While not having seen the movie and with no plans to see or read it, this was an opportunity to support something really worthwhile.”

“There aren’t a lot of things that draw attention to this massive problem we have in New Zealand. So the more information White Ribbon gets out there, the more people you can help, the better.”

So if you want to support a good cause and have a night of fun-filled entertainment, come along to the Roller Derby. The game will feature two equally skilled teams that will be picked on the night, right before the first whistle. The teams will be put into either the BLACK or WHITE team. This means anything could happen as the teams won’t have time to talk strategy or have bench line-ups before the game. With big hits and daring jumps, what these girls can achieve on eight wheels must be seen to be believed. The doors open at 6pm and the derby action starts at 7pm. Teams will be dressed in Black or White – so wear your fan colours accordingly! Come along and find out more about the amazing sport of derby and support the campaign to end violence against women.

Door sales only, available on the night from 6pm
Adults – $15
Children – $5 (aged 5-12)
Family pass – $35 (2 adults and up to 3 kids)
Preschoolers – free!
Cash bar and food vendors onsite. Please, no stilettos allowed on the floor at
Cowles Stadium. ROAR

Iona Shotgun (White) jammer - Sarah Gingrich_Background

Iona Shotgun (White) jammer – Sarah Gingrich

About Roller Derby:
Roller Derby is a fast-evolving, world-wide phenomenon. In 2014, Texas hosted the second- ever Roller Derby World Cup. New Zealand was well-represented with women from all over the country making their way to Texas to compete. Dead End Derby’s own Evil K.Neevil and Serious Crash Unit both represented New Zealand. Unit will be skating in this bout. The game is played on an oval track, with five skaters from each team on at a time. The seven referees make sure that the skaters stay safe and legal. The point scorer from each team is distinguished by a star on their helmet and this skater, known as the jammer, must make their way through the other skaters to score. The four other skaters are blockers and their job is to stop the opposition jammer from getting through while helping out their own jammer. Points are scored when the jammer passes the opposition blockers’ hips.

More information can be found at Dead End Derby’s Facebook page:
Official Website: www.deadendderby.com Photos by Victor Paul.

Photos courtesy of Victor Paul.

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Arihana White – X FACTOR


Arihana White

When Arihana White-Ututaonga gets up on stage these days, it’s not just to fulfil her dream of performing. She also does it to show the person who attacked her and almost cost her vision, that they gave her an undeniable strength.

From Rebecca Malcolm Rotorua Daily Post

Arihana recently performed on the  X Factor. We’re really proud that she’s performing after experiencing violence where her vision was damaged. Check out her performance of Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Love you I do’ and read more about her in this New Zealand Herald article or check out her music video page.

“Something recently happened to me… I was assaulted and my vision was damaged from it… Since my vision was damaged I’ve learned to appreciate a lot more than I would have.”


Click to play X FACTOR performance

“Love You I Do”

Never met a man

Quite like you
Doing all you can
Making my dreams come trueYou’re strong and you’re smart
You’ve taken my heart
And I’ll give you the rest of me tooYou’re the perfect man for me
I love you I doMm I love yaNever have I felt
Quite like this
Good about myself
From my very first kiss
I’m here when you call
You’ve got it all
And confidence like I never knewYou’re the perfect man for me
I love you I doYou’ve got the charm
You simply disarm me every time
As long as you drive
I’m along for the ride
Your way
I said it before
There won’t be a door
That’s closed to us
I’m putting all my trust in you
Cause you, you’ll always be true, OhI never could have known
This would be,
Oh you and you alone, yeah
Are all for me
I know you’re the best
You’ve passed every test
It’s almost too good to be trueYou’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

You’re the perfect man for me
I love you I do

“Love You I Do” is a song performed by American R&B singer Jennifer Hudson in the 2006 film Dreamgirls. The music for the song was written by Henry Krieger, composer of the original Broadway play, with lyrics by Siedah Garrett. It is one of the four songs featured in the film that are not present in the original Broadway play. It was nominated for the 2007 Academy Award for Best Original Song, and won the 2008 Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.


Arihana’s Family

International Women’s Day – Sunday 8th March

top_header“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights” Gloria Steinem

White Ribbon has been invited to participate in the Wellington Women Walk For Peace event in Newtown in Wellington on Sunday 8th March. The Peace Walkevent takes place at 10.45am (with UNANZ and White Ribbon Ambassadors) see details here.

Come and celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March at the Newtown Festival with Wellington Women Walk/Work for Peace (WWW4Peace). The theme for International Women’s Day 2015 is Make It Happen: Celebrating women’s achievements and call for greater equality. This year the annual Peace Walk will be held at Newtown Festival, followed by messages from Mayor Celia Wade Brown, HE Jonathan Sinclair, British High Commissioner and Dame Susan Devoy from the Human Rights Commission.

Assembling for the Peace Walk will commence from 10.15am in front of the International Women’s Day Stage, for a sharp 10.45am start. WWW4Peace are excited that the While Ribbon Campaign Ambassadors are also supporting the Peace Walk this year. So please come and support the Peace Walk and listen to the fantastic speakers that will deliver key messages on women. After the Peace Walk there is an exciting array of cultural performances planned for the day, starting with a cooking demonstration from Migrating Kitchen – so don’t miss out on sampling international cuisine prepared by passionate chefs! This will be followed by musical performances from the Taikoza Drummers, Munting Tinig (a Filipino Children’s Ukulele Choir), Virtuoso Strings and Womansong and dance performances from DANZA MIA (Mujeres in Aoteaora) and the Wellington Chinese Language School Dance Group. Also, there is a line-up of international games for children.

There are lots of other events around NZ. Check out UN Women who have a list of events on their website.
Other information and events we have found are below:
Ministry for Women
Christchurch City Library
Zonta Auckland
Te Manawa – Palmerston North
Adventist Church NZ
Association for Women in the Sciences (AWIS) – Auckland

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