Harrassment is not ok

*Trigger Warning*

on air incidentLast night, my girlfriend was accosted, live on national television, by two boys who thought it would be cool to touch her inappropriately, get in her space and yell the sexually aggressive phrase “fuck her right in the pussy.” Apparently it’s a popular viral internet thing to do if you’re a rapey pissed up fuck boi. It’s funny some say. Despite having boys she didn’t know touch her without permission and embarrass her on TV, I thought she played it pretty cool live on air, laughing it off as girls the world over seem to learn to do in our culture. The thing is, they shouldn’t have to.

Just as upsetting as what transpired are reading many of the comments, from both men and women in support of the two guys who did this. Legends was a term I saw used on social media to describe the two guys who think women shouldn’t report from music festivals .  Harden up, you’re being unprofessional, just laugh it off type  comments abounded. Why should women and girls learn to laugh it off? Why is that an even a thing, that it’s ok to make someone feel shitty and females should just deal with it? Why aren’t boys and men learning not to sexually harass and intimidate women and girls?

While on one admittedly stupid, alpha male, level the whole thing angers me (love those boys to come do some sparring with me at the gym, you’re always welcome Sean Phillips and Terry Insull, I’ll go a round with you each one after the other), it also got me thinking about sexual harassment, street harassment  and about what women and girls put up with in our society.  I wanted to  know how commonly  females  are made to feel uncomfortable, solicited, touched without consent, and generally treated badly.  So tonight, when I was teaching my women’s Muay Thai class, I got chatting to some of the students who turned up and came up with an impromptu interview. Shout out iPhones!  I’m not claiming by any means an exhaustive body of  journalistic work, it’s just a random group of women from a  range of backgrounds, just recounting their experiences authentically.

“I feel scared because I’ve had men chase me.”

I feel worthless. I hate when guys just look at you for your body.” 

Now I don’t know any of these interviewees especially well, we  didn’t have a script and all the interview subjects did it on literally 5 minutes notice with little time to prepare their thoughts  after a training session, but I think these short stories speak really powerfully about just how common and severe a problem harassment is.  16 year old girls should be able to go for a walk or a run without having grown men yell at them out of their cars. 37 year old mothers should be able to take their infants for a walk in a pram without getting hassled. Your work place should be a safe place where you feel comfortable.  

“If you’re one of those people who tell women to laugh it or ignore it, you should stop because really we can’t be so blasè.”  

May I just pause to publicly say thank you all so much for sharing with me, and allowing me to put it online. The internet can be mean and people are thoughtless  bullies online, so I think you’re all really brave and cool AF to open up like this.

Now you might think I’m just upset because something happened to my girlfriend, but the fact is, this isn’t the first story I’ve heard about harassment, sexual or otherwise.  This sort of shit is, as you can see in the video above, routine, and this is simply the most recent  example of it that’s close to home. It makes me think of the girlfriend who told me she lost her virginity, raped passed out drunk. Or one of my best friends who woke up naked at 15, not sure where she was and what the boy who she’d been with had done to her, but she was dressed when she went to bed. How’s that related, you might scoff and ask, and to that I say google rape culture. Nothing happens in a vacuum. We continue to live in and create a culture  which, basically, treats women like shit. Women get paid less, suffer dramatically higher levels of domestic violence and sexual assault than men. It’s the daily sexual innuendo, jokes, harassment  and verbal abuse and intimidating behaviour that is a back drop which helps create the environment for all of this to happen in.

Men, bros, bruhs, dudes, we need to look at our behaviour. We need to stop laughing at and  humiliating women. At treating their bodies like public property that you can grab when you feel like it. We need to call other guys out, challenge them on the language they use, the porno they watch and what it’s teaching them, the jokes they laugh at. It’s up to us to question others, because next time it might not be ‘just a joke’ and it might not be my girlfriend, it might be yours. Or your daughter. Your sister. Your friend. Will it be so funny then?

This post was written by Richie Hardcore who is a White Ribbon Ambassador. The original post is here.

White Ribbon calls on men to reject ‘Return of the Kings’

Return of the kings

Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, founder of the self-styled men’s advocacy group Return of Kings

Neomasculinist group ‘Return of the Kings’ leader, Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh, has announced plans to hold public meetings around the world, including in New Zealand.

White Ribbon Campaign Manager, Rob McCann, has described the ideology that the group is trying to sell as disgusting, and says that they have no place in modern society. Australia and New Zealand just recently rejected the group called the ‘Pick up Artists’, and we should do the same with the Return of the Kings.

In 2015, the White Ribbon’s campaign focused on Respectful Relationships and for the first time talked about the need for consent when engaging in sexual activities.

“For this group to advocate that ‘rape on private property should be legalised’ is abhorrent, and demonstrates just how deluded and despicable they are,” said Mr McCann. “We don’t need people like this peddling their own version of misogyny.

“Most men treat women with respect, but the biggest cause of violence is the belief that men have more rights and power than women. This group will try and perpetuate that belief, and for that reason alone we shouldn’t be letting them into New Zealand,” said Mr McCann.

White Ribbon Ambassadors have also been appalled by news of the ‘Return of the Kings’ and want the New Zealand Public to know that New Zealand men do not, and should not, have these attitudes.

White Ribbon Ambassadors Respond
“These views will be abhorrent to New Zealand men. We are proud to live in a country where women and men are valued equally. Gender discrimination and stereotyping like this has no place here.” Children’s Commissioner and paediatrician Dr Russell Wills


“To be allowed to promote such degradation is not just against what White Ribbon stands for, it is against the very moral nature of human society. There is no way these people should be allowed into New Zealand.” David White


“In its broadest sense, a truly progressive society is one that cares for, protects and provides for women. These are, in fact, the very principles that underpin what being a man is really all about. Let’s build a nation of good strong men who understand this – the other kind of nation is one not worth living in.” Trevor Simpson


“I am standing up against the online group Return of the Kings. Their message is degrading to women, and aims to perpetuate negative stereotypes. The men I know do not involve themselves in such groups, and treat women with respect. If we are to be a loving society, we should denounce such groups, and help fight this type of rape culture.” Callum Williamson “It’s really childish, ridiculous, and crazy to show masculinity by raping women. Demonstrate masculinity by respecting women.”  Pan Benjamin “This ludicrous ‘analysis’ of gender relations would be comical if it were not so offensive.  The emergence of such misguided individuals, and their primitive stereotyping of gender roles, should motivate us to redouble our efforts to encourage all men to develop and maintain positive and respectful relationships with women.” David Clendon MP


“As a father I want my daughter to be safe, to be respected by her partner and to have the freedom to make choices, I want my sons partners to feel safe,  respected and able to speak their truth.   When myself,  my sons or any men act in a way that disrespects women, treats them as less than human and privileges ourselves ahead of everyone else, we don’t just disrespect them we effectively disrespect ourselves.” Brian Gardner former chair White Ribbon “As a White Ribbon Day Ambassador, and the Chair of the White Ribbon Day Advisory Committee, I consider the proposed visit by a person purporting to be a leader on gender issues, as an affront to the excellent progress that has been made in New Zealand, and which continues to be made.  Proposing something so abhorrent and out of touch with New Zealand society as “agreement to rape” shows a total lack of respect for all “thinking” human beings, and is offensive.   By responding to him we add fuel to his fire, but this is an important issue that I personally take a stand on, and I call on other like-minded people and groups to show their commitment to speak out against all forms of violence.” Cam Ronald “As an ambassador and a male I strive to see gender equality and respect. For us as men to allow such an event to take place here would be a travesty. The ideology of this group is incredibly damaging and has no place in New Zealand.” Robert Mackay



There is at least one peaceful protest now organised in Wellington. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/76471698/new-zealand-men-to-protest-neomasculinist-group-meetings

A really good post on the effect this group can have https://bootstheory.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/i-say-no-to-rape-promoting-meetups-in-my-city/

Please show your support for respectful relationships.

White Ribbon

White Ribbon asks men to stand up and not remain silent when we see behaviour that is violent and/or demeaning to women. Remaining silent allows the violence and sexism to go unchallenged and to be accepted. That does not mean that challenging behaviour has to occur in the glare of the media. Sometimes, it is the quiet word and respectful discussion that creates real change.

Recently, The Rock radio station created a segment that referenced male rape in a manner that trivialised this horrific violence. It was an awful exercise in bad taste and helped to perpetuate violence by normalising and trivialising it. We understand that some people won’t see it that way, it will be in their eyes just a joke. We however do not agree.

Currently 14 women die every year at the hand of a partner or ex-partner, and we have the highest reported rate of intimate partner violence in the developed world. It is by accepting or ignoring the denigration of women, that we teach our children such behaviour is ok. If you struggle with this concept, we ask you to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP7OXDWof30 and we hope you’ll come to the conclusion, that our behaviour can create the environment that normalises and abets violence.

As many people know, a White Ribbon Ambassador (the Prime Minister) was involved in an on-air segment on the Rock which was highly offensive. We have reached out to the Prime Minister, and we are informed that he did not know what was about to occur, and did not at the time comprehend the rape references or make any. We take the Prime Minister at his word.

The Radio Station however were aware that they were using a rape reference as the basis of a joke. This all too common acceptance of rape and violence within our society is unacceptable. It can re-victimise and trivialise, and whether directed at men or women, it is wrong. We ask organisations such as the Rock to consider whether they wish to be part of the solution and help to end the unacceptable levels of violence, or through their actions or inaction, continue to create the environment that supports violence.

As a result of this incident, White Ribbon will be writing to all our ambassadors to remind them of our expectations, and the commitment they have made to the campaign. Our and their pledge is to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women. We will continue to try and uphold that.

We will also continue to try and make a real difference, and as a small non-profit organisation with one full-time staff member, we rely on hundreds of volunteers across the country to run events, share the campaign messages and influence as many men as possible. Thank you for all your support and efforts, and for continuing to be proud to wear the White Ribbon and sharing the resources we have created at www.whiteribbon.org.nz

We wish you all a happy holiday.
The White Ribbon Team and Trust


Update: 23/12/15
The White Ribbon Trust have written to the Prime Minister respectfully requesting that as a White Ribbon Ambassador he make a public statement about the inappropriateness of the content that was created by The Rock. We believe his condemnation of this behaviour would send a strong signal that men should not remain silent about, nor normalise or trivialise, rape and sexual violence.



MP Ambassadors talk about Respectful Relationships

Steffan Browning MP signs the White Ribbon Pledge Mark Mitchell MP signs the White Ribbon Pledge David Clendon MP signs the White Ribbon Pledge Jonathan Young MP signs the White Ribbon Pledge Video player & Mps- Andrew Little Kelvis Davis MP signs the White Ribbon Pledge Video player & Mps - Alfred Ngaro

The Tiki and Edu Biker Show – White Ribbon Ride 2015

Tiki and Edu graphic

Click on the images below to watch Tiki and Edu capture the White Ribbon Ride

We are just two Maori motorcycle enthusiast taking you on a journey while riding our motorbikes throughout NZ having fun and laughter. welcome! You can find us on Facebook here and our Webpage is here.

We have captured the South Island White Ribbon Ride on video and we hope you enjoy it.

To read an account of the South Island Ride, check out the Captain’s Log here.



Ride Video Day 1

Day 1, Nelson to Greymouth





day two

Day 2, Greymouth to Haast (breakfast)





day 2 part 2

Day 2, part II, Greymouth to Haast







Ride 15 Day 3

Haast to Wanaka

Captains Log – South Island White Ribbon Ride 2015


Captain's Log

White Ribbon Riders at the Classic Museum

White Ribbon Riders at the Classic Museum

Captains Log 16.11.15

The riders are gathering and it’s time for the briefing. The core group have already had a two hour session on the campaign and messages a month ago, so this will be a good refresher. It’s Colin Agnewgreat to see everyone including our North Island Riders who join us each year for this epic journey. A visit to the Classic Museum is a must, and it was a great place for a group photo.


Captains Log  17.11.15

Launch at Zumos

Launch at Zumos

The South Island White Ribbon Ride kicked off from Zumo’s Coffee House in Nelson this morning, with a sizeable crowd and a great turnout of bikes.  Everyone was pleased to offload all the extra bags and luggage into the Support Van driven by our two Army Support Drivers.  A fairly brisk tail wind had us at  Talley’s for a good chat and a delicious lunch that they provided.  There was a mad rush mid lunch to rescue the helmets and gloves from a classic West Coast downpour.  It then rained  intermittently through to Greymouth. A quick stop over at Punakaikai where Tiki was absolutely speechless, having never been there before.

Dinner was provided by Soroptomist  Club in Hokitika and everyone came away with a full stomach and many great conversations.  Plans are afoot for Whitebait for Breakfast….there’s no place quite like the Coast and we are always given a big welcome.

Its been a big day, but its been good riding with good people and our message is being well received.

Captains Log 18.11.15

breakfast day 2

Whitebait breakfast

Rain overnight in Greymouth but we woke to a crisp clear morning.  The West Coast is not the West Coast without a feed of whitebait and we were very lucky to not only have White bait for Breakfast but had it cooked for us too!  Two pieces of bread with a big fat Pattie jammed in the middle… Heaven!!

First stop of the day was John Paul School where we were given a wonderful welcome by the students and staff. The students listened  intently to our Speakers and our hope is that they build on what they have heard and become a catalyst for change.  Students performed a Haka Whakamutunga (closing haka) in homage to Nga Ripene Ma – White Ribbon Riders who turned out to tautoko (support) spreading the message.

Boot wearing his Animal hat at St John Paul School

Boot wearing his Animal hat at St John Paul School

We were then entertained by Tiki with a lively and interactive rendition of the Ripene Ma complete with actions.

The Primary School Kids were excited to see Boot wearing his Animal Mask and lined up along the fence to high five him.

Next stop was St Mary’s in Hokitika where we received another big  West Coast welcome.  Its heart warming to see the children so attentive  and interested in our message.  Once again maestro  Tiki entertained the children (and the adults) with his ukulele and singing.

From Hokitika we left technology behind and rode in to the mountainous ranges on our trusty steeds…. hey ho Silver!

Maakz or Margaret Makere Rika-HekeMs Makere Rika-Heke
And now a word from one of our colourful returning riders from Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland)-Ms Makere Rika-Heke aka MAAKZ our Mellow Yellow rider and fashion challenged WR Sista. “So far the journeys been fraught with variable weather as we’ve tipi haere’d through a patchwork of gorgeous vistas. At each stop we’ve called into we’ve gotten a beautiful insight to community spirit and rural hospitality. Only days into WRR 2015 and already fast friends have been made in the pursuit of spreading the message about better healthy respectful relationships.

Wow! What an amazing country we live in, we had a fantastic ride right through from Hokitika to Haast.  Riders are sorting themselves out as to where they want to be positioned, front middle or back, and its an awesome sight looking in my rear vision mirror to see the a long snake of head lights and helmets.

Captains Log 19.11.15

We had a great welcome at Haast school this morning, one wee fella, looked like a new entrant, had all the answers and was full of chat. But man did he scarper when the bikes started up. He took off inside and could only be coaxed back out with some fast talking from his teachers and the promise of a hug with Uki Bear our White Ribbon Mascot.  The kids love sitting on the bikes, especially when the riders start them up and give them a few revs!  All good fun !


Chuck NapierChucks turn for a few words.
Its great seeing the gleeful faces of the kids at schools when we roar in for a visit.  The hospitality has been outstanding and the positive feedback about the message we are delivering is at times humbling.  After a windy ride to Wanaka the team is now all tucked up in the accommodation block regaling each other with stories of past and present visits.  Brian one of the riders decided to go for his morning run and returned in a state.  When asked what had happened he informed us that the ground in the West Coast is not always the best, especially when you think you are light enough to skip across the surface and unfortunately find that a paddock full of cow manure does not hold a fully sized human. I always said that exercise is a risky business especially when done on paddocks used to dump cow effluent!

Captains Log 20.11.15

009An early start this morning with a substantial  breakfast at the Waterfront kindly provided for us again this year by Wanakai.

Our next port of call was the Wanaka Primary School. The welcome we receive from these young people is truly heart warming, the children perform with such great pride and enjoyment.  Many of the children remembered us from last year and had a pretty good understanding of what the White Ribbon was all about.

An equally impressive welcome was waiting for us at St Marys Church Queenstown, with a stirring  performance from their Kapahaka group. To see more and more people attending community events reinforces our commitment to the White Ribbon Campaign and the message that we bring. This year we are talking about Respectful Relationships, something we know can reduce violence if we know how to create healthy relationships.

imagejpeg_2Today we were joined by Brian Cadogen (Mayor of Clutha District) and a number of riders from the local area. We must make for quite a sight especially, to the large number of tourists in the area-  heads turn, cameras are pointed, and questions are asked and answered.

We are overnight in Te Anau after a hard ride in the wind and then the rain from Five Rivers on-wards.  However, we made it to our accommodation and to the events centre on time, where we were hosted by Southland Family Violence Focus Group and sat down to a beautiful meal. We were privileged to hear a young woman tell her story, a story of survival, strength and determination.  We admire her courage and take strength ourselves from hearing  her journey.


Ken MahonKen Mahon
Well writing as a White Ribbon newbie I must say that my experience over the last few days has been quite humbling. The effort that has been put into the ride and the outstanding  people I have  met on this journey is unbelievable .The great thing about all this is the strong belief by all involved, is that we can make a difference!

To see a big rough biker like I saw today giving children big hugs, and the response from those children and parents was priceless.

The greetings from schools families, support groups encouraging the riders to continue this great cause is incredibly moving… and I will be back.
Thanks Ken Mahon

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Captains Log 21.11.15

018We woke to a wet morning, so wet weather gear was donned and when everyone was trussed up like Christmas Turkeys we headed off  in the pouring rain to Tuatapere for Breakfast at The Last Light Café.  One of our riders had a mishap with a faulty side stand and  had a close encounter with the road.  No serious injuries but nursing a few bumps and bruises.

034Fed, watered and warmed we carried on with our journey, this time to the Riverton Union Church which is where  my wife and I were married  more than a few years ago. A good opportunity for us to renew our marriage vows so with Eru as celebrant  Maarkz and Buzz as bridesmaid and best man (they lost interest and wandered off) Tiki as choir and organist, we said our I do’s, the Bride was kissed and were signed up for another 30 years.

067The weather showed signs of clearing and our next engagement was the Invercargill Santa Parade. We met up with the Invercargill Soroptomist ladies and  with bikes polished and the sun shining we did the slow trip round the streets of Invercargill.   Hard work riding a big bike really slowly, but the crowd and the kids especially, loved the roar of our bikes.  Except for one wee girl who said I like motorbikes and when I gave my bike a bit of a rev, she burst in to tears!

When we arrived at our accommodation the  lady looked out the window and said to her husband “Gosh there are a lot of motorbikes outside. I think they are the people who are coming here.”  He replied “No! no! no! the  people staying here were meant to be riding bicycles!”

111The last event of the day was hosted by Soroptomist Invercargill at  St Andrews Church Community Hall beginning with yet another beautifully prepared meal. We were then welcomed to a  Public Forum by Kaumatua Herewini Neho  with  Mayor Tim Shadbolt as guest speaker.  Mayor Shadbolt spoke briefly about his own childhood  experiences, and is supportive of  White Ribbon.  Two speakers from the White Ribbon Riders responded, both speaking in a manner that had everyone attentive and engaged.  Big thanks to Joanne Fannin President Soroptomost International Invercargill, her team of ladies and Andrae Gold   and Karen Aves ( Southland Family Violence Focus Group )



Buzz AndersonBuzz’s Bit
I’ve only been back from England for two weeks and find myself on the White Ribbon Ride for the third year.  Jumping on the bike and riding round the South  Island is always appealing. Seeing the faces of the adults and children  as we travel around makes the sometimes long journeys easier.  Being an Englishman I didn’t realise that the domestic violence in New Zealand was as serious as it is.  If our message reaches one person at every event we attend, and they then  go forward to make  change, then we are succeeding.  I feel it is a privilege to ride with like minded Kiwis, who are passionate about speaking out.  Being a part of this  makes me more determined to gain permanent residency and become a Kiwi. Roll on White Ribbon 2016.

Captains Log 22.11.15

12234972_1482275055414641_284945638539829028_nrest dayA much needed rest day today, with bikes stowed under cover and riders relaxing, or catching up on washing at the Laundromat. Wet riding gear was spread around in an attempt to get everything dry while others caught up on sleep.  Southland turned on one of its rough and wild days, starting with a brief thunder storm, you have to admire the people of Southland, thy carry on with their lives and activities regardless of the weather. Evan  Brian and Chuck braved the tempest and went for  a ride to Bluff.


Brian McIntyreNow for Brian’s Bit
2015 is my second ride/drive as last year I was asked to drive the support vehicle and trailer when the group was let down for a driver. I was so happy to be there having been a rider since away back in the late 1950s with my Norton Dominator it was going to be good to relive the days of my youth. I just happened to start taking photos along the way making up a photo record of the journey. At the conclusion of that ride I had 2355 photos. Unfortunately I was the only one to feel the full force of the law when I “accidentally” exceeded the speed limit by a whole 12km heading out of Tekapo and was chased by a frustrated officer who couldn’t pin anything on the riders ahead of me who were obeying the rules. I met so many people along the journey and I will remain friends with many of them for the rest of my life how ever long that will be with me being 74 now. Being a Great Granddad on a ride like this makes me realise just how lucky I am to be on these rides and when it’s all over for 2015 it will be a long wait until next November 2016.

Captains Log 23.11.15

We woke to a much better looking day and after sorting out a minor issue with our mobile WiFi  we went on our merry way to Owaka through the Catlins, where we were once again  delighted to be  joined by Mayor of Clutha District Brian Codgan on his motorcycle. Great to have you 022along with us Brian, next year you should set aside a few more days! Strong gusty wind made for some hard riding with more than a few us getting pushed around on the road. Thankfully everyone remained upright.  Our visit to Owaka School was very successful, and what a great group of students they were.

034Also a privilege to meet the Young White Ribbon Ambassadors who are coming up with some very innovative ways of raising awareness.  The students were delighted to receive a metal White Ribbon each and promised to wear them every day.

We were also joined in Milton by a large number of Patriots who accompanied us to the Milton Correctional Facility where the residents listened attentively to out speakers.

A few minor hiccups were sorted out when we reached Dunedin, with a new side stand having to be fitted to Maarkz Harley, a lump of wood is a bit difficult to carry around!

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Moana’s Memo
Today’s SI WRR departed this morning from Te Tomairangi Marae located in the inner city of Invercargill, from where we made our way via the famous motorcycling twists and turns of the Caitlans.  True to reputation they did not disappoint, however coupled with the the fierce Moana Masongusts of wind from the south east proved a challenge for the solid wheels of the Zeus (HD Fatbob).
Replenished by a hot drink from a cafe, it was off to the Owaka Area School to meet with year 7-10 children, who warmly responded to the message we shared about respectful relationships.  This was followed by very yummy lunch at the Owaka cafe before proceeding to Balclutha for another brief stop with a group of young students known as the youngest ambassadors for the white ribbon campaign.
A slight dip in the gutter saw one of the ladies ever so gracefully drop her bike, coupled by another of the lady riders discovering she no longer had a jiffy stand on the ‘yellow banana’.
So off to Dunedin, quick smart for repairs, eventually arriving safely, but not without having indicators and bikes in a right turning lane before our road captain decided we actually wanted to go left, at our accommodation!

Captains Log 24.11.15

Another big day with more winds to keep us on top of  our game.  Today we split in to two groups with one group staying in Dunedin and attending a Breakfast Function at the Warehouse at Anderson’s Bay and a visit to an alternative education centre for troubled youth.  The young people were attentive and were proud to talk about the work they have been doing.  They are working on a  “Bail on Bullying” project and have merchandise complete with a logo designed by one of their students.  We were gifted magnets (yes they stay on the tank through howling gales and high speeds) stickers and badges and more to give to students at other schools we visit. They are really proud of their efforts and quite rightly too.  Look them up www.bailonbullying.com

099The other group of riders were attending events at East Otago High School in Palmerston followed by Waitake Girls 102High School in Oamaru. The the ride rejoined.  There was a huge turnout of bikes from the local area as well as a number of Hot Rods and Police.  We were an impressive sight as we made our way to Waitaki Boys High where we  were greeted with an enthusiastic and passionate performance.

Just to make the day complete we had a  beautiful meal at the Portside Restaurant down at the waterfront.

185A big thank you to the organisers of events in Oamaru. Every year things run like clockwork, there is a big turnout of locals and we are well supported with Police escorts enabling travel from one venue to the next  so much easier.

Every year on this ride for one reason or another I have to buy a new phone, thought I was going to get away with it this year until it jiggled its way out of the saddle bag and smashed into a thousand (no I didn’t stop to count) pieces on the road to Twizel.  Two trucks and six blokes to fix one tyre2We were already playing catch-up when we left the Portside Restaurant. It was at that point Lib discovered that the front tyre on the mighty Moto Guzzi (now renamed Maori Cuzzie)  had lost its roundness. For thoser of you who are not riders, tyres are supposed to be round! So two trucks, six men, and an hour and a half later it was repaired. We then headed to Twizel.

Big thanks to Jacob from Advantage The Tyre Professionals.  Hope you got out of going to  the barbecue that you didn’t really want to go to anyway Jacob (was that supposed to be a secret?).

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Ben MarkmanTommo and Ben the Support Van Men  ( Tommo and Ben go Wild)
My names Ben Markman, I’m one of the two army drivers tasked to support the South Island White Ribbon Ride.

Before coming on the ride, I had heard of the white ribbon but didn’t know a lot about it or what the ride was about. Since being on the ride I have learn’t what this year and the previous years rides have been all about, and also the amazing message the riders are passing on to all the people they meet throughout their travels. After watching the riders talk to schools of 12 pupils on the West Coast through to big crowds in our larger towns, it has hit home how important the message is, and also getting it out to not only school kids but the wider community.

I am glad I have had the opportunity to support this years ride, and I hope next year to join the riders on a bike and help spread the message.

Captains Log 25.11.15

White Ribbon Day

060The day got off to a good start with a barbecue breakfast prepared for us at the Twizel Fire Station.  Big thanks go to Amy and her army of helpers.  Our first visit to the McKenzie Country will certainly not be our last. The hospitality that has been extended to us right around the South Island is humbling.

086Students  at Twizel Area School were really interested in the White Ribbon and the older students have been given homework – following White Ribbon on Facebook and also checking the website.

The wind today was not nearly as fierce as the last couple of days but did push us around a bit  in the McKenzie Country, easing as we got closer to Fairlie.  Another successful visit to the local school in Fairlie.

High temperatures had riders stripping off to the bare essentials (no skin showing)  and there are a few sun-burnt noses.  Our accommodation in Ashburton has a pool, it was soon filled with swimmers cooling down.

We were guests at a Quiz Night organised by Stopping Violence Ashburton with a crowd of around 200 people.  An excellent opportunity for our speakers to tell our story.  Neither of our teams, the Screaming Eagles or Full Throttle did terribly well at the Quiz, however we did win the White Ribbon section which is just as well, it would have been quite embarrassing to get those questions wrong!

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Captains Log 26.11.15

Day Ten

The last day of the South Island Ride.  As we pass through home towns of riders some are leaving, sad to see them go, tinged with  bit of own bed envy!

078We had a fantastic welcome at Ashburton Intermediate this morning, students all waiting for us on the tennis courts and just loved climbing on the bikes. By the time we left everyone was wearing a White Ribbon and Tiki had everyone learning a new Haka with some excellent facial expressions from many of the kids.

Hot riding today, good to get out on the open road to Kaikoura where we visited

Hapuku School.  A lovely  school in a beautiful setting.  We had a short time with the kids before their school bus  arrived.  There was a wee dog there that barked  and barked at the bike and when Maarkz went to leave it chased her out to the gate barking its head off.

We had wild wind from Kaikoura on and it was a relief to have everyone  arrive safely in Blenheim at the Railway Station where a crowd were having a grand time in the carpark all themed around White Ribbon.  Great to see so many people in attendance and we  were entertained with a very professional Kapahaka Group.

So, the last day of the 2015 ride.  This ride is the highlight of the year for many of us.  Already we are talking about what we could do and where we could go next year.  I feel very proud to be part of this campaign and am privileged to have such great people to ride alongside. Thank you to everyone who has taken part, riders, support people, organisers of events and people who attend.  Without you the campaign would not be as successful as it is and our reward will be a reduction in the number of Domestic Violence Incidents.

See you next year!

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Libby AgnewLib Has The Last Word
It is a privilege and an honour to be part of this campaign alongside such a wonderful group of people.  Each one of us brings something unique and special to the ride and together we make for a united and well focused team.  When I think of the White Ribbon Riders, I think of whanau.

This campaign always brings to my mind the words of a Madden Brothers song “We are done with being the silent many”  So we will continue to take part in the ride, we will continue to speak up about domestic violence and our Grandson has promised to take over when Grandad is too old to ride his motorbike.

Translations for the White Ribbon Respectful Relationships Campaign



The White Ribbon Campaign wants all communities to move towards non-violence .

To assist as many New Zealanders as possible to take on-board the White Ribbon anti-violence messages., the campaign has developed translations for the ‘Respectful Relationships’ campaign. There are three posters in each set focusing on 1) Gender Power Relationships, 2) Male behaviour during conflict 3) sexual violence and the issue of consent. You may download, use and reprint these files. Please let us know if you find them useful at contact@whiteribbon.org.nz

I feel privileged to have worked on the White Ribbon Campaign when I joined the Families Commission several years ago. Whilst there, part of my involvement in the Campaign was to liaise with ethnic communities throughout the North Island.

White Ribbon Ambassador Saty Candasamy

White Ribbon Ambassador Saty Candasamy

The need for posters in other languages was clear and the production of these posters is now an integral part of White Ribbon.

Reaching all sections and communities in New Zealand in order to ensure that, we as a nation, address the issue of violence towards women is vital for our future well being.

Saty Candasamy
White Ribbon Ambassador





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