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Ride-15-logoThe 2015 White Ribbon Ride

The White Ribbon Ride is New Zealand’s most exciting initiative to tackling this country’s crippling domestic violence record. Violence destroys families, sets our children on a destructive journey and affects one in three women. This week-long motorcycle tour happens every November – White Ribbon Month, and is a powerful and inspirational voyage for all involved.

If you would like to invite the riders to your town click here to download the information.

A lead group of riders steer convoys through towns in the North and South Islands, picking up support riders in every region along the way. In many regions local riders will lead the White Ribbon into their town and this year we are encouraging scooters and bikes under 250cc’s to join in when the event is within city and town limits. Please contact us if you would like to support the kaupapa by leading the riders in your local region. Events are organised in every town, ranging from school visits, marches and breakfasts, to fashion parades, quiz nights and Dads and Lads days. Every event is an opportunity to bring this issue into the open and get people talking.

download south island ride 2015

download South Island Ride Schedule 2015

download north island ride 2015

download North Island Ride Schedule 2015

Departing Glenview School in Cannons Creek Porirua (edited)2015 ROUTE

The schedule for the North and South Island is available now. The South Island is taking in some new stops this year and runs from 17-26 November. The North Island is dividing what were two rides last year into three, so the ride can be shorter and can cover a wider range of events closer to White Ribbon Day. It is proposed to take place over 21-25 November. The draft schedule for all the rides is now available available. Click on the two map icons.


Joining the Ride is free and easy (though if you are taking part for more than a day trip, you may wish to eat and sleep with the Riders). For more details, head to the Riders page.


To organise an event or have the riders visit your town click here.
Events are listed on the schedule and vary from town to town. Lead riders are trained each year and this is even more important as we are focusing in sexual violence and the issue of consent.


Accommodation consists of Marae, Army/Navy bases and budget accommodation. It is estimated that $25 per night will cover your costs. Contact us to book your accommodation. Please note accommodation can not be guaranteed so you need to contact us if you wish to stay with the riders.


Anyone can join the Ride as long as they abide by the following rules:
No alcohol or drugs
No gang patches
Must have motorcycle of 250cc or greater (except within city and town limits)
Must follow the instructions of the Ride Leader or Road Captains
Must agree to the pledge that ‘wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women’.


Get updates on the Ride by joining our White Ribbon Ride mailing list.


We’d appreciate your help to promote the White Ribbon Ride to other riders. You are the people who know other riders. Please feel free to send them the link to this page or the facebook event page. You can order free White Ribbon Ride Posters and order ribbons and put them up in your town/city.


download south island ride 2015 web

South Island Route 2015

North Island Routes 2015

North Island Routes 2015







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